Is Children of Men 2016’s Most Relevant Film?” 

Abraham Riesman in Vulture:

Only after speaking with Cuarón did I realize why I wept: not with sorrow, but with hope for my own future. Children of Men imagines a fallen world, yes, but it also imagines a once-cynical person being reborn with purpose and clarity. It’s a story about how people like me, those who have the luxury of tuning out, need to awaken. This has been a brutal year, but we were already suffering from a kind of spiritual infertility: The old ideologies long ago stopped working. In a period where the philosophical pillars supporting the global left, right, and center are crumbling, the film’s desperate plea for the creation and protection of new ideas feels bracingly relevant.

h/t @logangreer, who also urged me to watch Children of Men back in 06.

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December 27, 2016 · culture · church · film · cuaron · vulture · Abraham Riesman

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